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Donor Wall Giving Levels


Badwater   $1,000-$4,999


Golden Canyon $5,000-$9,999


Zabriskie Point $10,000-$49,999


Wildrose $50,000-$99,999


Telescope Peak $100,000+


Bristlecone Society Planned Gifts


$100-$999 recognized within the flipbook

The newly renovated Furnace Creek Visitor Center includes a Donor Wall and flipbook to recognize Death Valley National Park supporters! The Donor Wall design emulates Death Valley’s salt pan polygons, and the exhibit can grow as donors show their support for Death Valley National Park.

Gifts designated to support Death Valley National Park can be made directly to the Death Valley Natural History Association. Names are updated annually after each fiscal year's donations have been accounted for. Donors listed represent donations received after September 1, 2011. Giving can be a cumulative or one-time gift. Individuals announcing their intention to make a planned gift as part of their estate planning can also be recognized.

Special restricted funds have been established to give donors the ability to specify where their contributions are utilized based on significant needs identified by the National Park Service. Recognition opportunities are available on the Donor Wall for donations over $1,000.

Want to be acknowledged on the Donor Wall? Please support these Death Valley National Park Programs!

Download the Donor Wall Donation Form pdfDonorWallGiftform.pdf and mail it to:

Death Valley Natural History Association
PO Box 188
Death Valley, CA 92328

or donate online to one of these specific Donor Designated Funds:

  • Scottys Castle Preservation Fund
  • Death Valley R.O.C.K.S. Education Fund
  • Wilderness Preservation Fund

Scotty's Castle Preservation Fund

Presenting daily living history tours for the public and preserving a 1930's landmark on the National Register of Historic Places is a remarkable undertaking in any location, but in a remote region of Death Valley National Park it is truly an extraordinary challenge. Scotty's Castle has many un-funded preservation projects. Your donations will keep this amazing and mysterious story alive into the future.                                                                                                                                                  

Find out more about our Scotty's Castle Adopt-a-Room Program.


Death Valley R.O.C.K.S. Education Fund

Since 2008, the R.O.C.K.S. (Recreation Outdoors Campaign for Kids through Study) program has brought over 1,000 students to Death Valley National Park for educational adventure. These students get a rigorous environmental education curriculum led by Park Rangers. They learn about Death Valley's geologic secrets and participate in exploring the many ways plants and animals have adapted to the desert environment. This life-changing experience exposes students to public lands and National Park Service careers. The next generation of Death Valley and National Park stewards are counting on you to support learning in Death Valley.

Death Valley Wilderness Preservation Fund

Death Valley National Park is approximately 91% wilderness. Death Valley National Park has un-funded park projects to remove non-historic debris from the park's wilderness and backcountry. There are several more backcountry sites that need cultural assessments to determine how best to return the spaces to wilderness character. The Wilderness Preservation Fund will support these types of projects as well as the further implementation of Death Valley's Wilderness and Backcountry Stewardship Plan, making a difference for generations to come.



Our program activities have been so successful that we need to add restroom/shower facilities here in the Cow Creek area to help serve program volunteers. Find out more about this (RSA) project.


Adopt a Bighorn Sheep! Contribute $35 to the Death Valley Science Fund today and receive your very own bighorn plush. -Gift will be mailed to you with your donation acknowledgment.


 If you'd like to make a one time donation of any amount to our Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge Fund:


Adopt a pupfish! Contribute $50 to the Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge Fund today and receive your very own "I Love Ash Meadows" canvas bag adorned with cute, assorted 1" buttons. -Gift will be mailed to you with your donation acknowledgment.


      If you wish to make an unrestricted donation to DVNHA: 

DVNHA has new monthly donation subscription program!

It's easy and automatic, a way to donate regularly without having to write the check or remember to renew online. 


Become a Death Valley Guardian today!


 Your contributions to DVNHA are tax deductible.


We'll send an initial thank you when you subscribe and a tax receipt itemizing all your monthly Death Valley Guardian donations at the end of every tax year!


You can easily subscribe and unsubscribe through Paypal at anytime. 


Select amount of monthly contribution to DVNHA Greatest Need



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To donate to any fund by telephone please call 800.478.8564 ext. 10.

DVNHA also accepts gifts in Memorial, Corporate Donations, Matching gifts, and other Special Gifts.  If you'd like to discuss any of these options please call David Blacker, Executive Director, at 800.478.8564 ext 11.  

Planned Giving – You can provide extraordinary support to Death Valley National Park t hrough your estate plan. You should contact your professional tax or legal advisor for specific information for structuring a gift if you wish to include the Death Valley Natural History Association in your estate plan. Please notify David Blacker, Executive Director, at 800.478.8564 ext 11 if you plan to include DVNHA in your estate planning.


DVNHA is a non-profit 501(c)(3). Tax ID: 95-2083126.

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Death Valley Natural History Association
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Death Valley, CA 92328

1-800-478-8564 ext. 10
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