Scotty's Castle Restoration Update 2


After the flash floods of October 2015, the historic museum collections housed at Scotty’s Castle needed to be protected due to the lack of utilities, HVAC and the intrusion of dust and rodents into the buildings.

In this Scotty’s Castle restoration update Gretchen Voeks, Museum Curator for Scotty’s Castle, takes us on a tour of what is being done to protect and restore the irreplaceable museum collection stored at Scotty’s Castle. This video was...

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Ghost of Water

Everywhere you look in Death Valley, the ghost of water is revealed. The most famous sites have all been shaped by water that has come before. While water is rare in Death Valley, it is present, you just have to know where to look for it.

Ghost of Water has been released by Death Valley National Park. This is the second episode of the Death Valley Explorer series. Rio Tinto donated $50,000 to produce a...

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2013 Conference Proceedings Wins Award


DVNHA's 1st Death Valley Natural History Conference was held Nov 15 - 17, 2013. The proceedings of the event includes research presented by 30 different presenters.This publication was recognized at the 2017 Partnership Awards 2017 Publication of the Year with the Public Lands Alliance!

Death Valley National Park is 3.3 million acres of questions. From how many bighorn sheep there are, how geologic faults affect the amount of water in our springs, or why the rocks...

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Scotty’s Castle Flood Recovery Tours

Scottys Castle 1

DVNHA and the National Park Service are pleased to offer walking tours of the Scotty's Castle Grounds. On October 18, 2015 over a three hour period, 3 ½ inches of rain fell on the Scottys Castle area in Grapevine Canyon, causing a massive flash flood that dramatically changed the landscape. The road and utilities were destroyed, some buildings damaged, and access to this historic area was closed. Come see first-hand how the power of water...

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MarsFest 2017

marsfest logo

March 10-12th, Death Valley National ParkLinking Extremes of Earth and Space! We are proud to again bring educators, scientists, the public, and National Park enthusiasts together to share this little known, but extremely important, use of our public land.

There are very few places in the world where the extremes of our planet can offer a look into what may be possible in our Solar System and beyond. This event features, evening keynote speakers and...

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