NPS Shares Photos of Abandoned Mines Taken During Bat Surveys

DVNP Wildlife Biologist, Linda Manning, and a group of interns have shared some photos from a current project they are working on: surveying abandoned mines for bats.


The purpose of this project is to conduct internal surveys of abandoned mines for indications of bat presence or use. Linda says indications because they, "often don't see bats but see evidence of their presence; these indicators include guano, staining of surfaces, and insect remains. Determining which mines have greater usage by bats will assist in prioritizing the mine safeing projects and also identify sites for further bat study and monitoring".

We know DVNHA members have a keen interest in the mines of the Death Valley area, partly because of their closures. We long to hear the stories of humans who found precious minerals here in the desert.The mind persists wondering what these historic tunnels were like for the miners who made them and are now inhabited by bats. pdfView photos and descriptions of the mines here.

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